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TV House is a professionally managed private limited enterprise in business for over seven years. TV House operates in the field of visual presentation. With its rich experience in and exposure to various streams in the field, TV House has the unique distinction of being a one-stop shop for all visual presentation and public contact requirements of a client.

…The organization is strong at all levels

Promoters with proven track records of credibility and success and who come with a unique market sense. Experienced management team with a wide range of exposure in media.

Services Offered



The main activity of TV House in the area of film making is the production of business films. Business films made by T V House are known for their practical and productive utility values ...


T V House is experienced and is skilled to offer expertise for businesses and enterprises during occasions such as launches, inauguration and convention. With its wide network of resources and talents in related fields ...


T V House has accepted various entertainment concepts on television and shortly will be producing a tele-serial about the beauty of Kannada language in an entertaining comedy format ....

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TV House’s wealth is its clients

Unlike other business it is not just the profit but the opportunities for innovation and quality enhancement provided by clients that keep the Company active and top of the order. TV House is proud of its first class clients who are reliable, have great market presence, brand value and respect in the market. It is said that TV House is one of fortunate Company which has never had a problem with a client. T V House has offered various services to over 200 clients in the past seven years ....